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Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. (THHI) seeks to build a strong and effective board of directors.  To that effect, we are accepting applications for volunteer board members with the diligence, readiness, willingness, and skills that one would have in applying for any executive position within a corporation. Board of Director membership terms are twelve months in duration and can be renewed annually. Application deadline is March 29th, 2024. 

What skills and knowledge do you bring to the THHI board?  Please indicate your experience in the following areas:
Strategic Planning
Organizational development, team building
Information Technology
Board Development (recruitment, training, evaluation)
Program Planning and Evaluation
Editing, writing, journalism, communications
Special events (planning and implementing)
Recruiting, Hiring and Evaluating Personnel
Financial Management & Control (Budgeting, Accounting)
Public and Media Relations
Public Speaking
Archiving, Recordkeeping 
Curating (art)
Web administration and design
Social Media
Interests (Please tell us the areas where you are interested in participating)
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**Please Note: If accepted, members will be responsible for membership dues
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