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Deadline for Nominations is July 1st, 202


Leadership is influence. - John C. Maxwell

Nomination Form


Nomination deadline is August 2, 2019.  Please click on Leadership Nomination Form or the Nominate button above to submit a nomination. A photo of the individual being nominated is required.  Only one nomination is needed for an individual, as additional nominations are disregarded. Judging is not based on the quantity of nominations for an individual, rather on the service and merits of the individual.


Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. promotes leadership in the community by recognizing Hispanics who excel in their field and service in the Hispanic community, with the exception of the "Orgullo" category where an individual of non-Hispanic descent is recognized for their service to the Hispanic community. 

  • Art

  • Business

  • Civic Involvement

  • Education

  • Health

  • Media

  • Public Service/ Government

  • "Orgullo"

The leaders selected are recognized at the annual Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. Leadership Class Awards. Entertainment is provided. The community is invited each year to support the event with their attendance.  The leaders are also recognized for their service by media outlets. The leaders are encouraged to attend the event and their attendance is complimentary.

For more information on the event and sponsorship opportunities, contact Leadership Chair Maribel Ramos Garrett by email ( or call (813) 765-4492.

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