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Poster Contest Rules


·  All participating artists shall be 18 years of age or older of any ethnic group or race.

·  Only one piece of artwork may be submitted per artist, and art from previous years cannot be resubmitted.

·  The artist who placed FIRST in the 3 past years (2022,2021, 2020) is not eligible.

·  On our 36th poster annual contest, the Artwork should reflect the artist’s interpretation or rendition of  ”Saluting Hispanics in Sports in Tampa Bay”

·  There are three winning prizes:  $1,200 First place Grand Prize, $700 Second place prize, and $300 Third place prize


CRITERIA FOR ARTWORK – Submitted Artwork must be:

·  Full-color, original design on canvas, canvas-board, watercolor paper, or Bristol board.

·  Photographable by standard means, or scanned, and therefore should not contain glass or reflective metallic materials, metallic ribbon or paints (reflective silver, gold, etc.).

·  Portrait orientation, with a minimum dimension of 24 x 32 inches and a maximum dimension of 36 x 48 inches, with a width-to-height aspect ratio of 3 to 4, and suitably framed or mounted in a professional manner.

·  Created with any combination of, or entirely from paints, oils, acrylic, pencils, chalk, or graphic design work 

·  The artwork may be a computer or digitally generated

·  The artwork may not be airbrushed, sprayed, decoupaged or collage in whole or part.

·  Judging Criteria: Works are judged on; 1. Artistic merit; 2. Interpretation of theme; 3. Graphic effect as a poster; 4. Overall visual impact.



·  The artist must print or type his/her name, telephone number, e-mail, and year the work was created, on an index card securely attached to the back frame of the artwork.

·  The artist's name and year of the artwork creation must be written indelibly on the reverse of the artwork.

·  All artwork must have a copy of the signed application form firmly attached to the backing board or frame.



·  Application and payment entry fee must be submitted and received no later than Friday, June 23rd, 2023 

·  Artists must submit the completed application via the event website along with a non-refundable payment of $45 by check or money order to the attention of Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc., P.O. Box 21152, Tampa, FL 33622. (Note that the entry fee will support the HH Scholarship Fund.)

·  The Poster Unveiling Event will be held Friday,  July 14, 2023, location to be announced (TBA).

·  Artists shall deliver the finished artwork by 4:30 p.m., on Friday, June 30th, 2023.  No artwork will be accepted after this date.

·  Artwork submitted to THHI Poster Contest that is not chosen as First, Second, or Third place winner must be picked up immediately after the unveiling event. Any artwork not picked up shall be construed as the artist’s relinquishment of all property rights over their artwork.  The artwork becomes the property of THHI and releases THHI from any and all responsibility regarding artwork. 



·  The winning first-place artist will be required to sign,  and number 300 limited edition posters and an additional number of posters at the request of THHI.

·  First, second, and third place artwork become the copyrighted property of THHI, who will thus acquire all publications and copyrights.

·  First, second, and third place winners agree, and give permission, for their artwork to be copied, scanned, and adapted by THHI for all promotional purposes and any and all forms of media including hard copy, electronic copy, and to use in promotional items as deemed proper by THHI, including, but not limited to, billboards, shirts, and posters.  Artwork may be displayed in any venue as THHI deems proper.

·  Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. reserves the right to incorporate the words “Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc”, the anniversary year and sponsor names or logos on the winning artwork poster border.



·  The contestant agrees that Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. may display ANY of the entries, whether or not THE ENTRY IS A FIRST, SECOND OR THIRD PLACE WINNER


2023 Poster Contest Entry Applications and Payment

Please Note: This is a paid contest, your entry will not be valid without payment and a completed entry application.



By Mail:  If you would like to pay by check, please download and print the PDF application, complete and sign. Then mail in your entry application with payment to the address listed on the application.

Online:  If you would like to pay online, CLICK HERE

Note: you must still download and print the PDF application, complete and sign. Then mail in your entry application to the address listed on the application.

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