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Hispanic Woman and Hispanic Man of the Year

Nomination Criteria



Nominations must be submitted electronically through our website.

Every year, Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. selects an outstanding Hispanic Woman and Hispanic Man for their life-time achievements. The award recipients will be recognized at the Hispanic Woman and Hispanic Man of the Year Gala, the premier gala of the Hispanic Heritage season, on Friday, October 27, 2023 at the Armature  Works at 6:30 p.m.


This prestigious award honors Hispanics in Tampa Bay, nominated by the community at large, who have excelled in their endeavors to advance, promote, maintain, and enhance our Hispanic heritage and who, by their outstanding contributions, have improved the quality of life in the Hispanic community.


Criteria for Nominations:

  • Nominees may be from the public or private sector, business or industry, education, the arts, entertainment or hospitality, government or law, health or human services, volunteer, entrepreneur and other professions or community organizations.

  • Nominees will have achieved outstanding success in their chosen fields, whether it is a traditional career or an active career of volunteer service.

  • Nominees will have resided in the Tampa Bay area for at least five years.

  • Nominees will have demonstrated well-rounded professional and community involvement. If the nominee has made volunteer service her/his primary vocation, that service should demonstrate an understanding of total community need.

  • Nominees may not be current elected officials, or actively seeking nomination for elected office.

  • Nominations for women or men who may have been nominated in previous years, but not selected, can be nominated again. Each year, there are many more qualified nominations received than can be selected.

  • Tampa Hispanic Heritage Board of Directors who have served within the last 3 years are not eligible to be nominated (2020, 2021 and 2022).

  • Sponsors are not eligible to be nominated.

  • Nominees must be of Hispanic descent.

Judging:  The Gala Awards Committee is comprised of Board of Directors of Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Inc. Their decision will be announced in August 2023.

One nomination per candidate please. Additional nominations are permitted if:

  • additional nominations for the same candidate have been submitted by different community members

  • additional nominations have not been "copied and pasted" from other nominations

  • new and/or different background information is provided about the candidate for the judges' consideration

Duplicate nominations that do not meet the above criteria cannot be included in the judging process.


Nominations must be submitted electronically through our website.

Checklist of information to submit with each nomination:

___ Nominee’s resume

___ Nominee’s headshot

___ Completed nomination form submitted by JULY 28, 2023

DIRECTIONS: Complete all sections below. Do not attach letters of support or other materials that we have not requested. They will not be considered.

To learn about sponsorship opportunities for the Gala or for questions, contact Co-chairs Maribel Garrett at or Maria Bermudez-Torres at

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